Buddying Service


Attending meetings for the first time can be a daunting experience, particularly when you don't know anyone in the group. We want people to feel comfortable and welcome when attending for the first time so we can arrange for you to meet up with one or two of our members for a coffee before coming along. This can be arranged by sending an email to our committee (check out the contacts page for our email address).



During your transition there may be a number of occasions where you will be required to attend medical appointments. As part of the Buddying Service, we offer to accompany members to appointments if needed by one of our committee members.

Some examples of appointments have been GP visits, local hospital appointments and Gender Identity Clinics (GIC's). 

This has been very successful so far and has helped a number of our members. One condition of the Buddying Service for appointments is that any travel/accommodation expenses are covered as some appointments will be as far as London,Leeds and Nottingham and we don't currently receive any funding.

For more information or to request accompaniment to an appointment please send an email to our committee.

"Coming out is hard, no matter how open minded you family may be. Coming out more than once is even harder. But it can be done." 
~ Anon