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'By The Way' Trans Youth Project

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If you are at Liverpool Pride (Saturday 2nd Aug) come and join us in the Trans* Friendly Area to get involved in the 'By The Way' project.

Between 2:30-3pm there will be a talk about the project and the new website in The Genderbread House (at the Pier Head),all welcome!

Liverpool Pride - Trans* Area (2nd Aug)

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Liverpool Pride is only around the corner, join us in the March with the Merseyside Trans* Alliance for the second year running. We're meeting at St Georges Hall (between 10:45am and 11:30am) block 3 - Look out for a big purple Merseyside Trans* Alliance banner.

After the march we will be at the Pier Head for the first Trans* Friendly area at Liverpool Pride! Entry is completely FREE and all are welcome. Here's a list of events throughout the day, there will also be a number of stalls and activities taking place! See you there!

Transgender Day of Rememberance

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Merseyside Trans* Alliance at Liverpool Pride!

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At Liverpool Pride this year, we are asking that all Friends, Family, and supporters of the TRANS Community (and all its various segments).

Walk with the Merseyside Trans* Alliance to show the True Numbers of our Wonderfully Diverse Community!

If you are Trans, or if you are friends with someone who identifies as having a Trans History or past, then please share this Facebook page" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Spread the Word!!


Share our posts on groups and if you cannot make it in person, show your support and send someone in your place,,,


This Group is a collaboration of Merseyside's Trans Advisory and Social groups, We hope More Will Join us !!!

See you at Liverpool Pride 03 rd August 2013


MORF Binder Scheme

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BUFF Manchester

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BUFF is a weekend aimed at the trans* masculine community. They aim to bring Trans* masculine identified people and S.O.F.F.A’s together through various events such as club nights, lunches and other gatherings.

Being GQ in a Binary World

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I’m Alex, one of the non-binary reps for Liv.Fast, and I thought I would use this blog post as a way to introduce myself as well as sharing some of difficulties I am facing at the moment.

I identify as transmasculine or genderqueer depending on what mood I am in on the day. What this means for me is that I started the transition from female to male, and then realised that my gender wasn’t quite as ‘straight-forward’ as that. I have been on hormones for 2 years now, and am really happy with the changed that they have brought about. As my body has started to change, however, I have begun to realise how much I love the queerness of it. Having hairy breasts, stubble, a masculine physique and somewhat ambiguous genitalia seems just right to me, somehow. I have also gained the confidence to start going out in femme mode from time to time, or just putting on a bit of eyeliner. I have also realised that, whilst being called ‘she’ makes me skin crawl, being called ‘he’ doesn’t quite fit either, and I prefer being ‘they’ or just ‘Alex’. If I’m honest, I haven’t quite worked out what box that puts me in, yet.

In a world that heavily emphasises the importance of success, and a medical system that uses checklists to treat trans people, I am not finding the transition to my full, gq self to be a simple one. Having spent almost 3 years fighting to transition to male, it is very difficult to take what some might see as a step backwards. Having spent 3 year explaining why and how and what I felt that I was, it is hard to imagine doing it all again.

Take my family, for instance. How can I possibly explain this situation to people whose biggest fear when I started to transition was that I might regret it? To them, this would seem like regret. Hesitation. There are stories on the internet that talk about people who have become ‘trapped’ in between two genders by starting treatment before deciding that it wasn’t for them. This isn’t me. I am overwhelmingly happy about the treatment I have had. I strongly believe that hormones saved my life, and I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop taking them.

And then there’s the NHS. Whilst it is great to get free treatment, being treated as if you have a disorder is tricky for lots of reasons, one of which is the formulaic treatment pathway. I have just been referred for surgery that I never intend to have, for the second time. Trying to explain that I don’t want it doesn’t seem to work. I must follow the pathway. I must be ‘cured’ of my gender identity ‘disorder’.

Well, if this is disorder, I love it. Bring on the chaos of non-conformity – it suits me! Being different might not be seen as acceptable or responsible, but it is fun. This is my life, and being myself may not be easy, but at least it’s not boring!


LIV.FAST Network First Annual Committee Meeting

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LIV.FAST Network

First Annual Committee Meeting

22nd February 2013



The meeting began at 2:30pm, at Sam’s house.


Recap of the years events


What has been successful?


Meetings not being too formal – having a more relaxed way of running meetings has made them more accessible to our members and has helped to create a relaxed and friendly environment

• How we have grown in one year from three people to now having twenty members

Changing meetings to two per month instead of holding weekly meetings has lead to higher attendance rates

• Having one support focused meeting and one social focused meeting per month so that our members have the option to choose depending on their needs

Change of group name from Merseybois to LIV.FAST Network has made the group more inclusive.

• Everyone is catered for in meetings no matter where you are on the FTM spectrum and we always try to involve members in deciding what topics are covered

• Our members are also our friends, this s one of our biggest strengths as a group

Networking with other groups and organisations – this has helped to promote the group across the UK. We are also being asked to get involved with other projects as a result

Social Networking – This has helped with the promotion of the group and has been valuable in keeping the group in contact with each other out of meetings

• All of our achievements have been made without any funding

Liverpool Pride – Marching in the Parade

Transgender Day of Remembrance – Really successful event with a great turn out

SOFFAs meetings – This is one of our strengths because we involve the people around us in what we are doing as a group to raise awareness


What hasn’t been so successful?


Meetings every week – This made it hard to find relevant and interesting meeting topics and took up too much time trying to organise

Having an annual membership fee – members may not be able to afford it and/ or feel awkward.

The same people running meetings and workshops – this is a lot of work to be done along with work and study commitments.

Ground Rules – They should be displayed at each meeting so members are aware of them. Some rules may need revising and adding to.


What additional things should we be doing this year?


Non-Binary rep – We have a good number of members who are non-binary or genderqueer so we should have someone to represent them

• Need a flip chart for meetings – workshops will be improved

• Ask members to decide on ground rules for each meeting and write down on the board – everyone will be aware and meetings will run smoothly

Meetings – need to ensure when someone is talking nobody is speaking over them (could introduce beanbag or similar so people are reminded)

• It may be better to ask for help with small donations to cover costs of printing/events as and when it is needed until we get funding.

• Advertise for other members to run workshops if committee can’t or don’t have time to prepare – this could be a confidence builder for some of our members

Members – advertise what they are up to online (as long as it is not for personal fundraising – we all need money for various things so this would be unfair to do so)

Newsletter/ Blog (Quarterly) – Share the task between committee members to write an informative piece of current Trans issues, the group, personal…

• Members – can also write pieces for our website at anytime and we will put it up.

Film nights – Armistead is a good set up for this. We can advertise for SOFFAs to attend. Café Tabac also an option.

Go to different places after meetings – Move away from the gay quarter and look at non-drinking places.

• Advertise on Facebook if going for food before a meeting – The Egg would be a good place to go before or after.

Outings – Need to look into places to go out walking for the day, camping over the summer, activities.

Workshops for this year


• Binders, STP’s, harnesses, packers…

• Alex – non-binary/GQ

• Hate Crime and the Police

• Tony – ask about legal rights and the law

• Top Surgery – need to ask Neal again

• Sexual Health – ask Armistead when starting

• Before workshops – box of paper for group questions about topic




• Work on advertising – ask members to advertise on their blogs etc…

• Need to get the Armistead to advertise our group on their Facebook page at least – ask if can be made admins and do it ourselves

• Include photo’s – outside and inside of the Armistead and the Brink so people can see what it looks like if haven’t been to a meeting yet

• Committee page – add a mini blog, include our ages to show range

• Ask members at next meeting about group photo’s to put on the website

• Start more on the blog section

• FAQ – about transitioning and about the group so people have more of an idea and can get the correct information

• Non-Binary page for the website




Need to look into funding opportunities to pay for;


Training committee members

• Youth work

• Safeguarding young adults and children

• Equality and Diversity

• Basic counselling and listening skills

• Facilitation/ workshops

• CRB Checks



• National Trans Conferences

• Outings

• Residentials

• Buddying Scheme

• Transport Bursaries



• Paper, pens etc…

• Printing costs

• Additional promotion




Are you Transgender or Questioning your Gender Identity?

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Ariel Trust is looking for young-people to take part in a film project, funded by BBC Children in Need, which will explore Transgender issues.

The project will allow you to have your voice heard, in a safe and relaxed environment with other Transgender young-people. Through a series of workshops you will be given the skills to write, direct and produce three short-films that explore a variety of issues regarding Transgender awareness.

Danny from Ariel Trust is going to be running a new project for young trans people to create three educational trans focused films plus a brand new website made by and for young trans people. Ideally they are looking for people between 13-18yrs but anyone up to about 24 will be able to get involved in the project. This is such a good opportunity so please get involved or forward the info to anyone who you may think would want to get involved.

Places on the project are limited to secure your place please contact Dan Stone - [email protected] to show an expression of interest by 12pm, Monday 3rd December.

For any further information contact [email protected]

Transgender Day of Rememberance 2012

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